Extension Belt

Soft Sheep Nappa Leather Bumbag Money Belt - Ideal Mobile Phone Holder by Roamlite RL140M

This Bum bag Features 3 zipped pockets and slips. On the front of the waist bag there is a small pocket, a small flat zipped pocket on the rear, ideal for carrying cash, currency or passport. These money belt style bumbags come flat and are slim-line, ideal for use as a travelling bag or pouch to keep your valuable close to you on the beach, or on a day-trip or excursion whilst away.

These bum bags are the perfect size for a man or woman to be worn under clothing as a money belt or for travel documents like a passport, tickets, boarding pass or travel money.


  • Soft black leather travelling bumbag, travel moneybelt, can be worn flat under clothes
  • 3 Zipped Pockets, 33cm 13 inches (24cm Main) X 12cm, 5 inches X 8cm, 3 inches
  • Lovely soft leather and nylon strap, Pu back of the bumbag for hygiene
  • Waist strap fits up to 47 Inch waist or up to 67 inches with the XXL extension belt as an optional extra on this listing.


  • 33cm 13 inches (24cm Main) X 12cm, 5 inches X 8cm, 3 inches


  • 200 grams

NB. With 100's of different fittings and sizes and shapes of the clips available, the extender belt is ONLY made to fit our Roamlite bumbag RL140, which the extension belt is listed with.

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