Laptop & MacBook Backpacks & Rucksacks

Laptop and MacBoook backpacks and laptop rucksacks of all sizes and budgets. Whatever size your laptop or Apple Macbook screen is, from 11.6 to 13.3 or 15.6 inch up to 17.3, we have a protective and stylish backpack to suit. With a huge range of widescreen laptops available including tablets and chromebooks on todays market, finding the right laptop rucksack or backpack is an essential part of your laptop purchase. Spending £400+ on a 15.6 inch Acer or HP laptop is easy, getting a well fitting, padded backpack to protect it whilst carrying it needs a bit of careful consideration.

None of our laptop backpacks or rucksacks are distinguishable as a laptop bag, all are discreet and and could just as well be carrying your lunch box or gym kit. This is essential, a backpack which says Dell, HP or Acer on it is just going to attract unnessesary attention, and screams "steal me and put me on ebay".

Our Roamlite Laptop Backpacks are made to suit hand luggage restrictions on all airlines and are made specifically to carry all of your notebooks bits and bobs. Any further info you require, please dont hesitate to call or email.

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