Ryanair & Easyjet Approved Hand Luggage

The notorious Ryanair and Easyjet! How do you choose hand luggage for these two budget airlines? If you have ever flown on an Easyjet or Ryanair flight, you will know it is a nervous procedure trying to get on the flight without being fined for one thing or another. Hand luggage and luggage restrictions on Ryanair just seem to be set up to catch you out, like playing a game of Donkey Kong, 1 inch this way, a front pocket on a holdall too big, over 10kg....BOOOM! "its got to go as checked baggage, that will be £40 please for a non-prebooked 2nd checked baggage item" You only paid £29 for the flight! You are left at the check in desk removing clothes from your hand luggage holdall and putting on layer after layer to make the holdall smaller or get the weight down to 10kg, yes 10kg, a Ryanair hand luggage size bag may be allowed to be 55cm x 40cm by 20cm, but unless you fill it up with foam, it will be half empty with regular clothes (don't even think about books!) They do let you take a second small bag though handbag or bumbag size. Roamlite have developed a range of bags which you can take as cabin baggage, these have been made from super lightweight material to spare your allowance so you can use the maximum possible for your hand luggage needs, especially for you to have a stress free holiday.