Ladies Leather Handbags

Our range of ladies leather handbags have been carefully chosen for their excellent price to quality ratio. We find that the quality to price ratio for leather handbags is great whilst you are not paying for big designer brand names. The price of Kate Moss on a TV advert in the middle of X Factor for a designer leather handbag obviously needs to be paid for, this type of handbag is where you completely lose the actual handbags value.

We also have some faux leather handbags, some women buy these handbags because they are normally slightly cheaper, some are more conscious and like the fact it is not real leather but looks exactly the same. These faux leather bags are normally slightly more fancy and colourful, just because the polyurethane (PU) leather material is easily coloured and is more design friendly and pliable than real leather. Either way, our leather handbags come from the best suppliers, at the best possible price to quality ratio money can buy.