Roamlite Bags

Roamlites' secret to their success is designing bags which are fit for their particular purpose. Holdalls for hand luggage made to the perfect dimensions, laptop bags for your Apple MacBook which are lightweight, strong and great value. The Roamlite bags and backpacks range is wide and varied from Roamlite bumbags, school backpacks and rucksacks to huge 100 litre Pro camping backpacks.

Roamlite, cherry picking the best selling formats and styles in each bag category have made life easy for choosing your next bag. All of their range are lightweight, water resistant and meticulously designed. Their laptop and MacBook backpacks are tailor made to suit todays 11.6, 13.3, 15.6 and 17.3 inch screens. The Roamlite camping bags range suit the serious professional camper and backpacker, or camping and hiking weekender alike. Designer bags, lightweight, made for purpose, without designer prices.

Travel light, travel right..... Roamlite.