Roamlite Backpacks

Roamlite as the name suggests make strong lightweight backpacks and rucksacks. Their range is from school size backpacks and bags to camping and backpacking size rucksacks. The price to quality ratio on the Roamlite brand is excellent, their bags suit all budgets and with "PRO" series bags, you get exactly what you pay for. Each Roamlite backpack was designed to serve a theme, hand luggage backpacks have been made to be used exactly as that, as hand baggage. The laptop size backpacks have a laptop or MacBook sleeve to cater for your precious laptop, without screaming "steal me, I have a laptop inside!", subtle designs which are practical for the intended purpose. Some of the school backpacks have been made to be "School Rules" compatible, in plain black and some with a colour coded logo. As Roamlite licensed retailers, we are very knowledgeable about the range, feel free to call or email to discuss your needs. 0208 952 9997, or use our live chat feature.

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