XXL Extra Large Travel Holdall, 34" 110L Cargo Bag, Storage Laundry Duffle R34


XXL Holdalls, 76cm Length Luggage, Suitcases Size Travel Duffels, 100 Litre Capacity

These plain holiday travelbags, travellers bags are mens or womens sized. They feature 1 huge double zipped space with a small flat pocket on the front and they fold flat with a semi soft base for storage, great for travelling or for carrying dirty sports kit or laundry. On the top is a long adjustable seatbelt strength un-clippable shoulder strap with poly-resin revolving clips and 2 vel-cro together carrying handles. The opening zip goes end to end in a U shape, covering 270 degrees, this leaves no space wasted utilising the full 100 litres cargo capacity. There is a thin 10 inch by 12 inch zipped pocket on the front (25cm x 30cm), this is suitable for maps, phone, travel documents or a wallet or purse etc.A fantastic alternative to a wheeled trolley case for your trip as suitcases are heavy in comparison, this is very important on todays flights with airlines and budget tour operators getting stricter with allowances and luggage restrictions on what weight of bag you can carry on-board in the hold.

  • HOLDALL HAS ONE MASSIVE COMPARTMENT - A HUGE rectangular zipped space and a front zipped pocket for your phone, passports, travel documents, wallet or purse. These duffle bags are 30 inches long 76cm and are ideal as flight check-in hold baggage or as a sports equipment kit-bag

  • ROAMLITE BRAND - SPACE WITHOUT UNNECESSARY WEIGHT - These super lightweight duffles are ideal for a 1 or 2 week holiday or as a biggest weekend or overnight travel bag for your skiing trip away, weighing only 910 grams 0.9kg

  • ROOMY 100 LITRES CAPACITY - NO WASTED WEIGHT - Unisex for men and women for carrying or storing the largest amount of clothing. Ideal to put winter clothes into storage in the loft or to use as second fold-away or pack-away bag for extra holiday shopping. It folds flat and in half for easy storing.

  • COMFORTABLE TO CARRY - Long adjustable detachable seatbelt strength shoulder strap, 2 Vel cro together top carry handles. 

  • DOUBLE ZIPS AND WIDE OPENING - NO MORE STRUGGLING TO GET STUFF IN - Open the bag a full 270 degrees around using the lockable double zippers. PUT YOUR PASSPORT AND WALLET IN THE FRONT POCKET - Don't fumble around at check-in, have your essential documents ready and organised in the small zipped easy access front pocket.
    • Length: 86cm 34inch
    • Height: 36cm 14inch
    • Width: 36cm 14inch 


    • 110 Litres 


    • 900 Grams

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