Small Neck Passport Pouch Wallet Purse RL130

Small leather neck passport, phone pouch wallet for holidays and travel

Small neck pouches made from soft leather and featuring 4 pockets, 3 zipped. These travel size neck or shoulder pockets are ideal for holidays and festivals, the perfect size for a phone, packet of cigs, cash or medication. These small money pouches can be worn cross body, over the shoulder or best just hanging around the neck.

On the front of the pouch are 3 pockets of varying sizes, the largest being easily big enough for a passport or large smart phone. On the rear is another large zipped pocket, great for cash or currency. The neck strap is made of string and has an adjustable slider for varying length. These small pouches are flat by nature and are excellent money bags to be worn under a loose Tshirt.

  • Real soft leather neck pouch
  • Larger than passport or large smart phone size
  • Excellent travel pouch for carrying cash on holiday
  • 4 pockets, 3 zipped
  • Long adjustable neck string
  • H 18cm 7inch x W 15cm 6 inch x Flat


  • 60 grams

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