Roamlite Aluminium Laptop Briefcase RL17KA BLACK

Aluminium metal laptop briefcase Macbook Air attache case 11 13 15.6 17.3 inch Roamlite RL17A

Sleek hand luggage size laptop briefcase in aluminium metal. Fits 11 13 15.6 to 17.3 inch laptops and Apple Macbook Air.

This unique laptop attaché briefcase by Roamlite is lightweight but solid, weighing over a kilo lighter than a same size leather case. The padded laptop compartment provides a safe and secure fitting for your 15.6 to 17.3 inch laptop or notebook. The briefcase can also be used as a laptop workstation without having to remove the computer. On the front of the briefcase there are 2 combination locks, fully adjustable to your combination. The base of the case has 4 studs.

On the inside of this briefcase there is padding 360 degrees and an adjustable size separator, this is secured by Velcro for different size laptops. The case has lock open hinges. There is also a Velcro strap to keep your laptop tight and secure against briefcase bumps.
The organiser area, inside the top lid has a large documents gusset with room for many A4 + size folders or files, there is a couple of spaces for pens, a large Velcro pocket for a mobile phone, big enough for the largest of mobiles. There a small card or business card size slip and a larger one for receipts or notes etc.

  • Metal Aluminium Laptop Briefcase
  • 11 13 15.6 to 17.3 Inch Laptop Macbook Compatible
  • Two Adjustable Combination Locks
  • Auto-Lock Safety Hinges (Holds Briefcase Open)
  • Velcro Laptop Separator and Laptop Velcro safety belt
  • 4 Studded Base Weighs only 2.4 Kg
  • Hand Luggage Size on ALL Airlines
  • Length: 46cm 18 Inches
  • Height: 33cm 13 Inches
  • Width: 12cm 5 Inches


  • 2.4kg

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